There is only one week to go before the Camp is finally there! We hope you all are just as excited as we are. We have been working hard to make sure everything is taken care of for your travels to Hammamet. Below you can find some important information regarding your stay.

Flight tickets

By now, most of you who are traveling to Tunisia should have received a flight option or even a ticket already. Please be aware to travel to the airport on time so you do not miss your flight.

Travel expenses

We will cover costs associated with travel to and from the airport in your country of departure. In order to ensure you are reimbursed, please keep a copy of your receipts and complete the expense form attached in the email. Please provide scans of original receipts and expense reports to Anne Koopman at We will reimburse you within 14 days.

Transportation from Tunis airport to Hammamet

Transportation will be arranged for all of you from Tunis airport to Hammamet. A detailed schedule will be sent to you next week which will include your departure time and who else will be in your car. Participants will be divided into groups based on your time of arrival.

Fun facts and information

The StoryMaker Camp will take place in one of the most beautiful cities in Tunisia, right on the beach! So, we made sure to make some free time in our schedule on Wednesday afternoon so you can get a taste of the town. A swim in the sea, some shopping in the markets? A Turkish tea in a nice cafe? It is all possible. Attached you can find fun facts and information about the beautiful city of Hammamet.


The weather in Hammamet will be an average of 25 degrees celsius. The evenings may be chilly so it is advisable to bring a light jacket.


If you have any questions or concerns or have an emergency during your time in Tunisia, please contact our local event planner Sameh Krichah. In addition, you can contact Anne or Bethel at the numbers below.

Sameh: +21620915080

Bethel: +31618110127

If you have any questions, concerns, or have special needs, please inform us before the camp.

See you all in one week!


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